Watch This 12-Year-Old Flawlessly Recreate Every 2014 VMA Performance

He's definitely got star power—and the voice to match.

I know everyone is still reeling from the sheer enormity of talent that was on display at the VMAs yesterday, but while you're trying to process all that, why not watch another extremely talented kid give the super stars a run for their money?

Sure, he may not have Usher's explosive set or Taylor Swift's fashion game, but 12-year-old Johnny Constantino is an aspiring singer and boy can we see why! He's got some serious vocal chops and is currently in choir, learning guitar, and in the past he's sung with the New York State School Music Association. So no wonder these Instagram videos recreating key moments from the VMAs are so great! Let's take a listen, shall we?

First he "Breaks Free":

Not as many sparkles, but yes, he can hit those Ariana high notes!

Johnny's take on "Anaconda":

A.K.A. channeling the mean girls from the Sir Mix-A-Lot sample of "Baby Got Back."

And he nails the chorus of "Bang Bang":

Excuse me?? Is that Jessie J herself???

Here's him doing Taylor Swift's new single "Shake It Off":

Johnny's version is a little more melodic and down-played -— there's no silver sparkles and men in ties. But it still sounds pitch-perfect!

"Stay With Me" gets the treatment:

Okay so no one can come close to Sam Smith, but I think I just figured out which VMA performer Johnny reminds me of the most...

Here's him doing Usher's "She Came To Give It To You":

Seriously, someone get him an all-white get-up and get him up there with Usher and Nicki!

And Johnny doing 5SOS's "Amnesia"—are you watching fam?

“My favorite’s were 5 Seconds of Summer because it’s cool how they all play instruments and have amazing voices," Johnny said. "And Ariana Grande because she’s my favorite performer and her entrance with the spaceship was really awesome. I love her voice."

Innocent little Johnny signing "Black Widow":

He looks pretty innocent, but his attitude does come through almost as clearly as Iggy Azalea's and Rita Ora's on this one.

For his last post, Johnny covered Maroon 5's "Maps."

Adam Levine is probably dialing his number at this very moment.

No Beyonce for us, Johnny? We'll be eagerly waiting for more Instagram videos! If you want to follow him on Insta, his handle is @john._.jc.

Odds are, this won't be the last time we'll be hearing from him.