Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Sorry Heidi Klum, Here's How You Twerk

Girl, you gotta get lower.

The thing about supermodels is, they're used to doing everything right. Outrageously beautiful? Check. Thin and perfectly aligned with societal expectations regarding appearance? Check. Even when they do mess up, we usually kindly overlook their errors because people like Heidi Klum are just so. dang. hot.

But, this time, we're gonna have to take a minute to let you know: Heidi, this is not a twerk. It's just not.

I mean, this year's VMAs were practically an ode to butts, and twerking has been front and center in cultural consciousness since Miley took to the VMA stage last year to show off her own booty-shaking technique. Given these circumstances, we must present to you dear Heidi, a few proper examples of twerking.

Nicki Minaj knows how.

But like, she really knows.

Beyonce knows how.

We've all seen Miley do it...

And for a more authentic, original twerk, here's the Queen of Bounce herself, Big Freedia breaking twerking records.

So in conclusion, Heidi, sorry girl, that was not twerking. You're still beautiful though! K?? Kisses, love you, bye!