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Charli XCX Turns A School Dance Upside Down In Her 'Break The Rules' Video

Plus there's an awesome Rose McGowan cameo.

From "Fancy" to "Boom Clap," Charli XCX is having a great year. And it's only going to get better, because she just announced that her sophomore album Sucker will come out this fall on October 21.

Charli teased all the album details and the first single "Break The Rules" before her VMA pre-show performance, but now that September is almost upon us, she's given us a video too.

So move over "Fancy," because this may not be "Clueless"-themed, but it's still set in the number one place where we all want to break the rules—AKA school.

Alternating between some serious leather and fringe and a prissy, schoolgirl get-up, Charlix and her crew commandeer a school bus for their own day off shopping. And what's that written on the side of bus? Yup, Charli's album title Sucker is emblazoned across it in graffiti—this is true rebellion, people!

When they get to prom in their newly-acquired outfits, none other than Rose McGowan is there to play the strict chaperone.

So of course when Charli inevitably takes over the stage and starts a dance party, how does Rose react? Check it out in the video above. Teach us your carefree, rebellious ways Charli—you rule.