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Fugitive's Ice Bucket Challenge Leads Police Right To His Door

The Ice Bucket Challenge fights ALS and crime now.

We get the whole Ice Bucket Challenge craze. It's for a good cause, it has comedic effect, it gives you something productive to post on your Facebook. But if you have an outstanding warrant -- like 20-year-old Jesean Morris did, Omaha World-Herald reported -- it's probably not the best idea to participate in the viral video trend.

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Morris was wanted for violating his parole, and his Ice Bucket Challenge vid led the cops straight to his door. When Morris posted the video on his Facebook, someone recognized and identified the house in the clip to the police. Officers showed up at the specified address on Friday afternoon.

Omaha Police

The cops saw Morris get into a Chrysler PT Cruiser, followed the car, and eventually apprehended Morris just off the freeway. Morris was uncooperative about the whole situation. He allegedly told the officers a fake name and birth date and even spit in one of their faces.

Morris was then brought into jail for several reasons -- due to his outstanding warrant, suspicion of criminal impersonation, as well as resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

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He should have just donated to ALS instead.