Watch Kim Kardashian's Reaction To Jay Pharoah’s Kanye Impression

Even Mrs. West was impressed.

With Kanye West too busy to attend the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah took on Kanye impersonation duties for the duration of the evening -- a tough job, considering that noted Kanye expert and spouse Kim Kardashian was right there to watch the whole thing.

What did Mrs. West think of Pharoah's hyperventilating take on her husband's outsized personality? Our split-screen video captured her reaction in real time, from start to finish. She kept a camera-ready game face on for most of it, but not even the TV veteran could completely hold it together for the moment when Pharaoh, suddenly in super-serious mode, looked soulfully into the camera and declared her "the smartest human being on the planet."