MTV/Shidokht Shafei

Daria, Quinn, And The Fashion Club Have Choice Words About The 2014 VMA Red Carpet

It’s been a while since Daria Morgendorffer, her sister, Quinn, and the rest of their small suburban town have hung around this side of the new millennium, but with all the fashion throwbacks on last night’s VMA red carpet, we hit them up for their exclusive reactions.

When Beyonce hit the carpet…

Beyonce Getty Images

Daria spoke for all of us.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei

When Kesha’s rainbow hair made its red carpet debut…
Kesha Getty Images

The Fashion Club marveled in awe.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei

When Demi Lovato left us speechless with this dress…
Demi Lovato Getty Images

Quinn had the perfect commentary.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei

When Taylor Swift shocked us with this pantsless ensemb’…
Taylor Swift Getty Images

The Fashion Club also did a double take.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei

When Chanel Iman braved the heat in this gothy Balmain…
Chanel Iman Getty Images

Quinn showed her support.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei

And when Ariana Grande switched out her white go-go boots with black ones…
Ariana Grande Getty Images

Quinn followed her lead.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei

When Nicki got tired of people FREAKING OUT about her new, more-subdued look…
Nicki Minaj Getty Images

Quinn commiserated.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei

And right in step with Miley’s big moment
Miley Cyrus Getty Images

Quinn reminded us to keep priorities bigger than cuteness.
Daria MTV/Shidokht Shafei