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Nicki Minaj Reveals Injured Dancer Performed Even After Snake Bite

Nicki couldn't be stopped, and neither could her dancer.

Nicki Minaj did work at Sunday night's 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum in Inglewood. Not only did the rap star perform her own single "Anaconda," she also partnered with Jessie J and Ariana Grande to do "Bang Bang" and paired with Usher to perform "She Came To Give It To You."

Where does she find all the energy?

"I'm working on my album, and this performance is the first thing that I literally took off working on the album to do. It was important to me that my fans saw a great performance of 'Anaconda,'" Nicki told MTV News backstage at the VMAs.

"And of course I had three performances to work on, and I love those records, and I love the artists; I couldn't say no," she continued.

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Rehearsals weren't easy either. On Friday afternoon, one of Nicki's dancers was bitten by a snake that was to be used in the performance. The reptile ultimately didn't make the big show, but the dancer did. "One of dancers got bitten by a snake, and she handled it like a trooper. She went to the doctor, she's fine, she actually still performed today," she revealed.

Way to rally.