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These MTV Stars Didn't Attend The VMAs, But They Were Glued To The TV Like Us

Colton Haynes, Snooki and others tweeted their thoughts about the big show.

Stars...they're just like us!

Or rather, such is the case for select MTV talent who were watching the 2014 Video Music Awards from home like the rest of America — and blasting their thoughts all over social the rest of America. Check out the reactions of the former and current stars, from "Jersey Shore" casties to "Real World"-ers, among others:

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Colton Haynes thought that Nicki Minaj resembled a venomous "Teen Wolf" lizard:

"Real World: Brooklyn" alum Chet Cannon summed up the VMAs as best he could:

Pauly D was thoroughly moved by Beyoncé's performance:

Like the rest of us, Nicole Polizzi was obsessed with Blue Ivy:

Linden Ashby was completely and utterly clueless:

Kailyn Lowry-Morroquin thought Bey was pretty awesome:

Chrissy Teigen was curious about the appearance of poop at the VMAs:

Devyn Simone from "Real World: Brooklyn" was really diggin' that Sam Smith song:

And so was Coleysia Chestnut from "Are You The One?":

Esther Ku from "Girl Code" saw Usher spank Nicki and liked it: