5 Seconds Of Summer Traded Band Tees For $1K Blazers On The VMA Red Carpet

It’s rare to catch 5 Seconds of Summer in anything other than their usual beat-up bands tees. Not that we mind! (Trust me—I really, really do not mind.) But tonight marked their very first VMA performance AND MOONMAN(!), so they pulled out all the stops. And by stops, I mean they topped their usual black skinny jeans and worn-in Vans with some very expensive jackets and a little extra hair pomade.

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Ashton paired his $2 bandana with a $1,530 Vivienne Westwood blazer. Impressive high-lowing. Not one to be outdone, Michael wore a checkered vest by Christian Benner, and while it was ~custom~, the NYC designer’s stuff usually runs a couple thou NBD. Calum’s Glamour Kills vest and Luke’s Topman jacket were way less expensive but exactly 0% less stylish and impressive.

Not that they knew what they had on. When Rachel Antonoff, MTV.com’s red carpet correspondent, asked what the boys were wearing, they said, “Clothes.” Which is, yes, a true statement. But that was pretty much the extent of their sartorial knowledge. But in a charming way.

Fear not, they were back in their beloved band tees for their performance, PHEW! So, if you were worried that they went and got fancy on you now that they’re winners of important awards, well, stop yer worrying.

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