Taylor Swift Goes Retro With Adorable Old-Timey VMA Performance

Her dancers offer to catch her, but she'd prefer to take the stairs.

Taylor Swift went all '30s retro at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (August 24), getting escorted onstage with dozens of suited men, who sprang over each other, tumbled and offered to catch her as she stood atop a giant platform.

As Tay Tay looked down from her 1989 structure, she quivered in fear, not trusting her dancers to catch her for her big finish. Instead, she took the stairs down, belted her high note after she caught her breath.

The Busby Berkeley-inspired performance included aerial shots and lots of gymnastics. Swift got into the throwback vibe by donning a fringey dress that would look equally good in an old Hollywood flick.