Nicki Minaj Does Sparkly Snake Print At The VMAs

King Nicki Minaj debuted her new toned-down style earlier this year at the MTV Movie Awards, and since then she’s been off to the races, appearing in chic-er and chic-er looks for the better part of 2014. So, daresay, her 2014 Video Music Awards red carpet look is peak chic, mixing classic Hollywood glamour (that Veronica Lake coif! The strong eyeliner with a muted brow!) with a super sleek leopard print that alludes to the wild spirit of “Anaconda,” which will certainly define new levels of VMA stage jamón later tonight.

Getty Images

Until then, pray to the gods of fit and drape—and nude stilettos!—because the contrast between glimmery long sleeves and sky-high hemline is sophisticated perfection. And while the bare derriére has been the talk of the “Anaconda” video, don’t ever forget that she was also up in there in some BALMAIN.

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