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Taylor Swift Does Ed Sheeran's Makeup During Their VMA Pre-Party

Taylor's set to perform at tonight's show, kicking off at 9 p.m.

Taylor Swift already teased us with a snap of a sparkle-ecrusted microphone pre-MTV Video Music Awards. Now, she's giving us a glimpse at her pre-show prep -- a routine that apparently involved lots of cuddles with her cat and a makeup session with her BFF.

Taylor Swift, she's just like you (assuming you are a girl who has ever prepared for a school dance) -- except her cat glows with the glory of a 1,000 angels and her BFF is Ed Sheeran.

"These are our #VMAs game faces," Swift wrote, throwing up an adorable snap of her and her cat Olivia Benson mugging for the camera. Where's Meredith, Tay?! Doesn't she get get any shine?

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Benson was soon dumped in favor of VMA prep, however, as Swift shared a photo soon after of her playing makeup artist for Ed Sheeran, one of her many, many BFFs. We're guessing they're getting some quality hang-out time in before the big night, seeing as how they're not sitting next to each other (travesty!).

How are you preparing for the VMAs?