Ariana Grande's Biggest Style Icon? Her Grandma

If you follow Ariana Grande on Instagram, you're already well-versed on Grandma Grande. Her IDGAF attitude is totally badass (see: that time she caught on fire and didn't even care), but when we caught up with the VMA performer (and nominee!) this week, she told us mamma G. is also her biggest style icon. (Awwww.)

Ariana said, "She's got it down. She's an icon. She's a fashion diva"—which means a lot coming from a girl who is consistently killing it onstage and on the red carpet. "She's too much to handle, and I'm obsessed with her," she says. "I aspire to be her one day." Check out what else Ariana had to say in the video above, and don't forget to tune into the VMAs tonight to see what she wears!