Grimes Won't Do The Ice Bucket Challenge Because Of Animal Testing

And she has a good reason for it.

See? Not everybody's participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge — and singer Grimes has particularly good reason for it.

After being nominated by DJ Richie Hawtin, Skrillex, and Dubfire to dump a bucket o' the cold stuff atop her head, Grimes took to Tumblr to voice her reservations about ALSA as an organization, particularly in regards to their animal testing.

"Haha okay, richie is probably the nicest and coolest person I've ever met so i can’t really refuse him," she wrote. "[H]owever, I would like to say that I don't feel great about wasting water in this california drought, but i will donate money."

But it didn't stop there. Grimes went on to call out ALSA in regards to their animal testing — something actress Pamela Anderson also recently did on her Facebook page. But in a statement from ALSA received by The Daily Banter, the organization insisted that their practices involving animals are safe and ethical.

"Significant advances have been made in ALS and other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease using model systems such as rodents, flies and worms to better understand disease mechanisms and to develop therapies. ... The ALS Association supports laboratories and scientists that strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by the National Institutes of Health."

Instead of donating to ALSA, Grimes opted to give to another organization, The Malala Fund. "I will not donate money to this foundation because of their record of testing on animals, but I will donate money to the Malala fund because education is the key to ending almost every issue that faces humanity and our world today." She later posted a screengrab of her donation, done in honor of Hawtin.

As for her nominations? "Im calling out Detroit madness, Hana pestle and Blood diamonds."

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