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Michael Brown Sr. Asks For No Protests, 'Moment Of Silence' During Son's Funeral

Reverend Al Sharpton and White House officials are scheduled to attend the funeral.

By Britt Julious

After more than two weeks of protests in Feguson, Missouri, Michael Brown’s father has asked people to call off all protests on the day of his son’s funeral.

During an interview on Hot 104.1 FM, a St. Louis-based hip hop station, Michael Brown Sr. said, “I would like for no protesting going on. We just want a moment of silence that whole day. Just out of respect for our son.”

The Ferguson saga has gripped many inside and outside of the community. Celebrities too have voiced their concern and support for the protestors in the increasingly tense aftermath of the August 9 shooting of the unarmed teen. J. Cole and Keke Palmer made trips to the suburban St. Louis town to get a better understanding of the ongoing struggles. Lauryn Hill released “Black Rage,” a protest song, in response to the ongoing violence and rates of police brutality toward African Americans. Most recently, Cat Power announced a free benefit concert in support of the Feguson protesters.

Brown’s funeral will be held on Monday, August 25 at 10 a.m. in a St. Louis church. Expected attendees include the Reverend Al Sharpton and three White House officials.