5SOS Is Ready For Anything At The VMAs -- Even Peeing Next To Eminem

5 Seconds of Summer prepare themselves for any VMA situation -- including star-studded bathrooms.

When you're going to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, you have to be prepared for any situation.

When I spoke with 5SOS after their VMA rehearsal on Saturday (August 23), I thought I'd test them on their awards-show readiness.

First of all, they're committed to pants-less solidarity -- so, if you're on the VMA red carpet and you suddenly realize your pants have dropped, you won't be alone. 5 Seconds of Summer admit they’d all strip off their knickers if one of their mates got pantsed.

And while they have their wardrobe backup plan thought out, they're completely ready for anything else VMA night throws at them -- like if Beyoncé invited them to perform with her. Turns out, Michael would have no problem taking on an alter ego for her set, saying he'd jump on stage and be May Z.

OK, but most importantly, what if they took a bathroom break and the only urinal available was between Pharrell and Eminem? Apparently, there are a lot of bathroom politics involved, so watch below to see how 5SOS would handle the delicate and intimate situation of peeing next to celebs.

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