5SOS Transform Into Emojis... Will They Change Back Before The VMAs?

5 Seconds of Summer go into true emoji form before their performance tomorrow at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at 9 p.m. ET.

Well, I guess that's the end of Ashton Irwin as we knew him. The 5 Seconds of Summer drummer is now a shrimp, according the hilarious Vines they made after their VMA rehearsal on Saturday (August 23).

We hung out with the pop punk band in a dressing room backstage (possibly Rita Ora's... hey, Rita) and had tons of fun talking about their performance and competing against Demi Lovato for Best Lyric Video.

The 5SOSFam is going neck-and-neck with Lovatics in the socially voted category, and the race is too close to call. But the dudes know how to get their fans voting: llama hands Who can resist a llama hand telling you to #Vote5SOS?

When it comes to their performance tomorrow, we don't know what to expect. But if the guys were to explain it in emojis, it would look a little bit like this.

A.K.A., this:

Here's to hoping 5 Seconds of Summer will transform back to human form before tomorrow's show, where they are also up for the title of MTV Artist to Watch. They're nominated with Fifth Harmony, Schoolboy Q, Sam Smith and Charli XCX.