We're Crazy In Love With Beyonce's Flashback Roller Rink Birthday Invite

We wish we had been invited.

Feeling 22 is cool and all, Taylor, but I think I'd rather dial it back down to 21 if it means looking anything like Beyoncé in this throwback shot of what seem to be some kind of roller-rink birthday invite from Bey's yesteryear.

'Yonce shared the below snap to Instagram Friday -- forget #TBT, Queen Bey does what Queen Bey wants -- featuring a 21-year-old Beyoncé Knowles kitted out like some kind of '80s skate siren.

"Flashback My 21st birthday invitation. 80's Skate party in ATL Good times!," the caption reads, which seems appropriate because if you were cognizant during the '80s you probably had one or two b'days in the roller rink. We're guessing Bey's 21st affair didn't feature an animatronic animal band and sheet cake, though. Just a hunch.

See you Sunday at The Forum, Bey! Maybe bring those skates for when you hit the stage at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards?