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Taylor Swift Reveals Katy Perry's First VMA Outfit Was Totally Thrifted

One of the best parts of preparing for the 2014 Video Music Awards is unearthing clips of today's biggest stars when they were new to the VMA scene and hanging out with one another. There was a time in 2008, for example, when Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus were all nominated for Best New Artist and discussed fashion with one another on the VMA red carpet.

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Taylor, who was–NBD–co-hosting the VMA Red Carpet Preshow and Katy talk thrifting and Katy reveals she pieced her entire outfit together from vintage stores. She even created her own hair accessory–as she says, she's all about that "cut it, make it, hope it looks great" life. Miley doesn't talk about fashion, but she does threaten her two fellow nominees, so. She also freaks out over a bee. Like, fuuhh-reaks out.

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Watch the whole thing go down in preparation for tomorrow, when all three ladies will be back on the red carpet, starting at 8 PM EST. Maybe they'll all hang together again? We can hope, right?