We've Got Exclusive 5SOS VMA Rehearsal Photos, And, Predictably, They're Perfect

Ashton also took a second from their rehearsal to post an onstage selfie.

5 Seconds of Summer hit the stage at the Forum in Inglewood on Saturday morning (August 23) for a run-through of their debut VMA performance. We were there, and yes, they looked even more perfect than perfect, and they sounded perfect, too, as evidenced by the 5SOS VMA rehearsal video below:

If 5SOS were nervous about their VMA debut or the prospect of winning Artist To Watch and/or Best Lyric Video (which has the 5SOS Fam and Demi Lovato's Lovatics going at it, racking up millions of votes), they didn't show it, as they took the stage looking relaxed, casual and confident.

But why are you reading our words when you could be enjoying these exclusive photos of 5SOS at their 2014 MTV Video Music Awards rehearsal?

Unplugged, But Ready To Rock


Michael Strums It Out


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Luke Strikes A Pose

When you make it to the big stage, of course you have to take a selfie for the historical record. And that's exactly what Ashton did when the band hit the stage at the Forum to rehearse for Sunday night.

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