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Ariana Grande (Kind Of) Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge And Other Things You Missed From Her Twitter Takeover

NBD, the VMA performer only hinted at a tour next year.

You know how literally every celebrity ever has taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by now? Add Ariana Grande to that list -- sort of.

During her @MTV Twitter Takeover on Friday, August 22, the "Break Free" singer revealed that even though she hadn't yet posted a video of herself getting all drenched and frozen, she did make a donation to support research to find a cure for ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's Disease), which is kind of the whole point behind the Ice Bucket Challenge BTW.

Claps for Ari? Claps for Ari.

That's not all Ariana revealed during the Twitter Takeover.

When's her next tour? Funny you should ask, because you'll find out in September.

Did I say tour? Something tells me I should've said "world tour."

Will Ariana change up her hair?

Or, maybe she will! It's really not that big a deal.

She'll totally support you in your radical hair adventures, though.

Much like Arianators nationwide, she's equal parts nervous and excited about performing "Break Free" and "Bang Bang" at the VMAs.

Which sidebar, could only be more incredible if we had access to zero-gravity technology and on-demand Jane Fonda.

Ariana's getting her VMA inspo from Madonna.

Closing thoughts? Ariana's already got a few favorite tracks on My Everything (out August 25).

She likes "real things" like family, friends, and twerking.

And, "suck my ass"? Really?

Not today, haters.

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