Dylan O’Brien Just Made An Announcement That Could Change Your Life

The 'Maze Runner' star made a jaw-dropping announcement at the VMAs.

After an entire day of teasing fans with a potentially life-changing 2014 Video Music Awards announcement, "Teen Wolf" and "The Maze Runner" star Dylan O'Brien made millions of jaws drop with the news that one lucky fan could soon be a million dollars richer -- due to the "Million Dollar Maze Runner" competition from MTV and "The Maze Runner."

"Go to for a chance to compete," O'Brien said during the big show on (August 24). "And don't miss 'The Maze Runner' in theaters September 19th."

Holy. Crap. Basically, this will be way more than just your average contest -- it's a full blown casting call. Fans can go to the official website to submit a video telling us why they deserve the chance to be selected to compete as a Million Dollar Maze Runner, and the lucky ones chosen will get to run an actual maze for a chance at a million greenbacks and a Scion FR-S.

Excuse us while we process this amazing news, and start running through random NYC side streets to practice the whole maze thing.

"Million Dollar Maze Runner" will air on MTV on September 14 at 11pm. "The Maze Runner" hits theaters on September 19.