Kristen Bell Surprises Fans At 'Frozen' Sing Along Screening

Yes, we want to build a snowman.

"Frozen" may have come out the better part of a year ago, but guess what -- we're still not ready to let it go.

Neither, it would seem, is star Kristen Bell. The actress, who voiced the part of flame-haired Princess Anna, surprised fans at a special sing-along screening of the blockbuster animated Disney musical at the El Capitan theater in Los Angeles last night.

The actress introduced the screening to the delight of fans, as captured by Entertainment Weekly in the Instagram above and Disney's Bruce Wright on Twitter.

Of course, it doesn't come with your very own walking, talking, sloth-loving Bell, but come November 18, everyone will be able to sing along with "Frozen" at home (with accurate lyrics, thanks to a running karaoke-style subtitle) when a special edition DVD is released.

We're just wondering why we still haven't seen Olaf in the flesh. Summer's tough for snowmen, we guess.