Sisqo Has A New Single, And No, This Isn't 1999

And it's Auto-Tuned.

Reminder: It is 2014.

And Sisqo just released a new song.

And don't worry, on "A-List" -- his first solo song in 13 years -- he's updated his sound since "Thong Song." He's got a trap sounding record, so he got one of the trap's own, Waka Flocka Flame, to spit a verse.

"Whoa, I get the best of everything/ Cribs, cars, clothes 'cause money ain't a thang/ Whoa, I been on top of my game/ Way past rich/ 'Cause I'm A-list in this bitch," he sings with an assist from Auto-Tune. The Brick Squad MC, meanwhile, opts out of Auto-Tune as he spits, "Spent a hundred racks to put three letters in my damn chain/Just do it big like Ving Rhames."

"A-List" is slated to land on Sisqo's upcoming LP, The Last Dragon, out September 9.