Sam Smith Loves His Fans -- Even The Rando Who Tracked Down His Number And Texted Him

The VMA performer talks touring, album two, and one creepy fan story.

I am, at times, pretty shameless and needy -- I'll admit it. That's probably why I felt compelled to ask Sam Smith about his plans for a second album a mere two months after the release of his debut full-length, In The Lonely Hour.

And to quote Madonna: "Absolutely no regrets."

Backstage at The Forum during a rehearsal for his performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, the "I'm Not The Only One" singer revealed that he thinks "every day" about the second record, although he'd rather not force the creative process.

"I've just got to go live my life, kiss a few people, and fall in love, fall out of love. I'm going to really concentrate on just living in the moment and writing about what’s real."

I mean, Sam's probably not lacking for material right now. There's the sold-out American tour kicking off in September, the unstoppable chart-topping success of both In The Lonely Hour and "Stay With Me" -- not to mention some, um, "interesting" moments in recent memory.

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"Someone texted me!" said the 22-year-old Brit, who is nominated for Artist To Watch and Best Male Video at this Sunday's ceremony. "A fan got my number the other week and texted me."

Will the overzealous rando who did this please stand up? Don't worry, Sam totally gets that it "comes from a really nice place" and that you're obviously not out to "Misery" him or anything.

After all, Sam understands a thing or two about being a fan. Here he is with Beyoncé...'s VMA seating card.

Instagram (@samsmithworld)

But seriously, Smith is nothing if not grateful for all of the support people have given him over the past year: "That feeling [of heartbreak] I had originally when I wrote the album has completely disappeared thanks to all the people that listened to the music."

He continues: "I'm not a really religious person, but those moments onstage feel like some sort of religious experience because no one holds back, especially "Stay With Me" when I finish the show. It kind of turns into an anthem when I perform it live, and it feels like there's a lot of love in the room.

In other words, brace for maximum emotional impact this Sunday.

Brendan Kennedy/MTV

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