This Teacher Was Fired For Playing Beyonce For Her 6th-Graders

"Drunk In Love" Is Apparently Not Public School Approved

Careful all you Beyonce-loving teachers out there, bringing Bey into the classroom could cost you your job. The Atlanta Public School System has terminated 6th grade teacher Nikki Turner for playing "Drunk In Love" to her class.

Although their problems with Ms. Turner go farther than her Beyonce playing, "Drunk in Love" definitely played a role, according to the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The administration explained, "This song contained profanity, vulgarity, and sexually explicit lyrics. This song is not [in] alignment with Teacher Keys Standard 9, Professionalism." Unfortunately this was just one of dozens of complaints against the teacher, that included her failure to "demonstrate knowledge of the sixth-grade math concepts" and "properly plan lessons."

College students, meanwhile, can take an entire course about Mr. and Mrs. Carter, like "Politicizing Beyonce," at Rutgers or "Leaders In Music: Jay-Z" at NYU.

Beyonce will be receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and performing this Sunday at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum in LA. Don't forget to tune in at 9pm EST.