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7 Reasons To Just Ask Him Out Already

Take a breath, take a shot. Whatever it takes, just go for it.

You wear your hottest outfit when you know you’ll see him. Every sappy song on the radio reminds you of him. You’ve even checked his horoscope. You don’t need a psychic, though, to tell you that all signs point to it’s time to ask him out. Seriously. Here’s why.

1. He will be stoked

The pressure of asking someone out is a burden that most guys are more than ready to be relieved of. Asking him on a date is a welcome surprise that will stroke his ego and make his day.

2. You'll finally know if he likes you back

What makes asking a dude out scary is the reality that he could say no. While this might sting on a level that could range from “light tweezing” to “full on Brazilian wax,” the pain will be temporary, and you’ll soon be free of the troublesome task of overanalyzing his every “Sup.”

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3. You will appear confident

Confidence is like a tight black t-shirt: It looks sexy on both men and women. Asking him out shows that you're well aware of how fabulous you are, and he should be, too.

4. If nothing else, it will be good practice for you

Chutzpah is a like a muscle: The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. If you’re not in the habit of being the one to ask guys out, doing it this time will make the next time all that much easier.

5. You already have an awesome date planned

Having a crush on someone means spending countless hours picturing yourselves as the stars of your very own romantic comedy. You know which secret pizza place you’d introduce him to, you’ve pictured you guys doing saki bombs before going to the classic movie’ve got an instant date ready to go. Just add the man.

6. There will be no more hoping he'll notice you

A casual party is more like a form of torture if you’re spending the whole night trying to stay in his sight while not looking like you’re following him around while hiding the fact that you’re sizing up every female that he talks to. Start the conversation and stop the madness.

7. You can stop worrying whether he likes you (and start worrying whether you like him)

The thrill of the chase is a big part of what makes a new guy attractive. Once you go out with him, you’ll learn things that never entered your idealistic fantasies. Maybe he’s a nice guy with a not-so-nice package, or maybe he's not a nice guy at all. If conversation with him flows about as easily as an almost-tapped keg, at least you can start this all over again with a new guy.