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Fifth Harmony Fans Lift Camila's Spirits As She Recovers For VMA Pre-Show

Camila had a stint in the ER, but she's on the up and up.

We're sending tons of virtual chicken soup and IV drips and those "Get Well Soon!" balloons to Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello, since she was apparently hospitalized Thursday in Philadelphia while on tour with Austin Mahone.

"PHILLY MEET N GREET. im currently in the hospital cause we wanna make sure it's nothing serious and i feel terrible :( please forgive me," Cabello posted to Twitter last night, informing fans that she was in the ER. She then posted an adorable Vine in which she seems to be in good spirits, giving a shout-out to the audience that missed her at the meet and greet.

Still, Harmonizers shouldn't fret: The Fifth Harmony Twitter account posted a message Friday (August 22) stating that Camila was treated for exhaustion in the ER, but is apparently rested up now and on her way to the MTV Video Music Awards to perform in the pre-show come Sunday.

Feel better, Camila! See you at The Forum!