Chris Evans

Watch Chris Evans Do The Ice Bucket Challenge In A Suit

While a child hysterically laughs at him. Captain Americ-awwwww.

Another day, another influx of celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenges hitting the Interwebs. Is it getting slightly absurd how many videos there are at this point? Sure. But is it also basically impossible not to share something as adorable as the video Chris Evans posted with his family while on vacation? Absolutely.

What sets Evans' video apart is A, his (correct) assertion that it's only ice water if you allow it to marinate long enough for the water to actually become freezing, B, the fact that he's wearing formal attire, and C, the fact that a very small member of his family points and laughs at him after he gets all wet.

It's adorable, and yet another reason to wish that you were Chris Evans' date to his family vacation: