Let The Cast And Creators Of 'Intruders' Introduce You To The Show

'It's really cool.'

We get the feeling a new show is going to intrude on your DVR sometime very soon. Tomorrow, in fact.

"Intruders," a new offering from BBC America, premieres Saturday, and we get the feeling it'll be just as addictive as the network's other popular offerings. Mira Sorvino and John Simm Star in the thriller, which examines the idea of past lives and multiple lives simultaneously existing in one body. That's not even to mention the quest for immortality that some of the characters embark upon.

Uh, what? It's a tricky concept! There's no one better to explain the show's premise than its stars and creators, so while MTV News was at San Diego Comic-Con, we did just that.

As star Sorvino told us, "it's really cool."

Check out the clip above.

"Intruders" premieres Saturday on BBC America at 10 p.m.