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Daniel Radcliffe And Doctor Who Hung Out And Now We're Dead -- See The Pic

Accio Sonic Screwdriver.

This photo is one Benedict Cumberbatch (or Tom Hiddleston, either one) away from robbing me of all will to survive. I mean, the combination of Daniel Radcliffe and Peter Capaldi hanging out is too much to handle. Just look:

Woah. Still with us? They're hanging out. Just chillin', like bros do. They probably even knocked back a few cold ones afterwards, because why not?

In case you like background, know that Capaldi was at BBC Radio 2 to talk about the new series of "Doctor Who," which premieres on August 23. According to The Mirror, Capaldi told host Chris Evans (no, not that one), that his version of the Doctor will be "less user friendly" than Matt Smith and David Tennant's take on the character.

"I thought it might be nice to get some mystery back into it," he said. "I love Matt Smith and David Tennant but it had become very user friendly, but I always thought when I was growing up the Doctor was a spooky weird character who arrived out of nowhere and would take people out to space on terrifying adventures. I wanted to evoke a bit more of that and fierceness."

As for Radcliffe, he was there to promote his new film "What If," but I'm too focused on the "What Ifs" surrounding this genius pairing to focus on anything else but "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"