Don't Stand In The Middle Of Fireworks Unless You Have This Suit

No, really.

We all love fireworks and it's a universal truth that the Fourth of July is just the best, so riddle me this: how is it that we've gotten to 2014 and we still can't just stand right in the middle of a fireworks display?

The answer is this: HAHAHAHA WE CAN. We so can.

Or at least inventor Colin Furze can. Dude made himself a steel suit that A) looks very silly but, B) allows him to stand, unharmed, smack dab in the center of a bunch of rockets and nonsense going off.

I can't stress this enough: please don't try this at home. But I'm also so, so glad that Furze did.

And, hey, if I had a goofy steel fireworks suit, I would totally make a video of myself standing in it set to rock music too. But I don't have one, and neither do you, so you'll just have to settle for watching Furze's video.