'True Detective': HBO Reveals When Season Two Will Premiere

HBO programming head says the new episodes won't be as dark.

If early reports are to be believed, fans of "True Detective" have an idea of who we'll see when the HBO anthology series reutrns — most likely Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Elizabeth Moss and Vince Vaughn — but we weren't sure when that would happen.

Well, according to HBO programming director Michael Lombardo, we can expect to return to Nic Pizzalatto's dark world next summer (via The Hollywood Reporter). But Lombardo also mentioned that things might not be quite as dark the next time around.

"It's still dark," Lombardo said (via Variety). "Nic explores the darkness in people's souls... It's not as dark, but it's not a light ride. Nic likes looking into the crevices of the soul."

In addition to a slightly lighter tone, the second season will also be different from the story of Rust Cohle and Marty Hart in its number of directors. Cary Fukunaga directed the crap out of all eight episodes in the first season, but Lombardo confirmed that "three or four different directors" will tackle the next set of episodes.

None of this is shocking information, but it's the most we've heard officially in a long time. Lombardo wouldn't confirm the rumored cast, but said that we'd hear soon.