Behold! The Most Extreme Slip 'N Slide Known To Mankind

Wanna lose control and know what flying feels like? This is it.

It’s official: Any extreme victory you think you achieved this summer needs to be flushed down the drain. That’s because we’ve found the water slide that takes the most guts and earns the most glory... and you can find it in middle-of-nowhere Ohio.

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It’s called the Slip N Fly and it’s set up at an action sports camp in Butler, Ohio. Steepness and height are usually the things that make or break a slide, but this contraption has something else going for it: ramps at the base of it that rocket people off into a huge pool below. Seriously, this thing could be its own X Games sport. Check out this awesome video that shows the Slip N Fly in action, from day to night.

Usually, the slide is only open to campers, but the camp is opening it up to the public THIS WEEKEND ONLY, for its annual Sports and Music Fest. Unsurprisingly, the fest is already sold out, probably because word of the slide spread fast. But the good news is, the camp is already opening up tickets for next year’s fest on October 1. Road trip to Ohio, anyone?!

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