Bill Murray Just Got His Own Holiday, And All Is Finally Right With The World

He's got that going for him, which is nice.

Bill Murray fans rejoice! The much-loved comedian officially has his own day, as the Toronto International Film Festival has declared September 5 as Bill Murray Day.

TIFF kicks off September 4th, and will feature free public screenings of classic Murray comedies “Stripes,” “Groundhog Day” and “Ghostbusters“, prior to the worldwide premier of the actor’s new film “St. Vincent.”

The festival will be holding a contest for fans that attend all three screenings, with 50 tickets being given away to the “St. Vincent” screening.

If anyone needed proof that Mr. Murray deserves his own holiday, we present the following irrefutable evidence, because he’s a…

Snazzy picture taker

murray festival1 Getty

Suave golfer

murray golf Imgur

All-star kickballer

murray kickball Tumblr

Engagement photo crasher


Swag thrower

swag murray Imgur

And…space jammer

murray space jam

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