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Blacc Hollywood Is About 'What Inspires' Wiz Khalifa

Wiz opens up about his new album.

Though Blacc Hollywood is Wiz Khalifa's third major label effort, between indie albums and mixtapes, the Pittsburgh native has an extensive discography.

But he went into recording his newest body of work a little differently, so it would reflect his current reality.

"I think just the initial approach to it was a little bit different," Khalifa told MTV News. "I got a lot of different projects, so I don't even consider them albums or mixtapes -- they're all just projects, moments in my life. And Blacc Hollywood is a real good representation of where I'm at my life right now [and] what inspires me."

That inspiration can be heard throughout the project, on songs like "House in the Hills," featuring Curren$y, or the Nicki Minaj-assisted "True Colors." He called the former “one of my favorite songs on the album...just based off of the content and what it really means,” and said the latter was special because of the "message behind it."

When he's on the mic, he wants to make sure fans are having fun, but also listening.

"Basically, the message that I'm trying to bring out to people."