Kristen Stewart And Nicholas Hoult Did The Ice Bucket Challenge Together

This one's gonna spark some rumors.

Have you guys heard about a thing where people dump buckets of ice water on their heads then -- hopefully -- donate money to the ALS Association? No? Yeah, I'd never heard of it until just now.

Anyway, Anne Hathaway took the initiative and nominated Kristen Stewart to do the challenge, and Stewart happily obliged. However, there are two major twists, here.

First, Stewart is doing the challenge with Nicholas Hoult, her newly single costar in the upcoming film "Equals." (Their friend Scott Fahrendorf is there, too.) Second, instead of going the traditional route of dumping the ice water on their heads, they're bringing their heads to the buckets and nearly drowning themselves. It's real cute.

Also, note that Stewart nominates Brie Larson and Jenny Lewis (her costars from Lewis' "Just One of the Guys" video), as well as her "Equals" costar Jacki Weaver and Max Thieriot. Hoult nominates Colin Firth, Craig Roberts, and Joe Dempsie (who plays Gendry on "Game of Thrones").

Then they urge us all to use dirty water if and when we decide to do our own IBCs (your day is coming), because there's a drought in California and what not. Check it out check it out check it out: