'Star Wars' Fans Have 'Despecialized' And Remastered 'A New Hope'

It's special in that it ISN'T SPECIAL. Get it?

It's no secret that "Star Wars" fans are a particularly obsessive bunch. They crave any and all information and never-before-seenness that they can get their wee hands on. And they absolutely love to piece together the puzzling mystery that George Lucas' original intended cut of the film has become.

After years and years of re-releases and numerous, seemingly unending edits and changes made with each and every edition, fans were tired of the so-called "upgrades" and "enhancements" that bring the film further and further away from Lucas' original vision. So! The Internet got its sleuth on and several fans pieced together what they're calling the 'Despecialized Edition, Remastered,' bringing the original film, "A New Hope," as close to its original iteration as possible.

A labor of love? Surely jest you must. Understatement that is. Yoda would insist, for yourself must see:

And yes, they plan on doing the same for all the rest of the films, so hold onto your lightsaber hand, folks — this one's going to be an epic journey to a galaxy far, far away.