What Will It Take For Crash And Max To Make Peace On 'Finding Carter'?

Tensions have been rising between Carter's current and former boyfriends!

Dating the same type of person over and over again is a romantic affliction that's so common, Hello Giggles has addressed it with a listicle. But Carter Stevens, for one, seems to be immune.

Sure, her ex-boyfriend Max and her current fling Crash share some qualities (drug use stands atop the list), but they are, at their cores, entirely different people. And the tension between them became so palpable on the most recent episode of "Finding Carter," Carter and Taylor sought to intervene (the mission was cut short when Taylor passed out after a single toke, but we digress...).

Max, for one, has always wanted what's best for Carter and has pushed her to think beyond her impulses. He encouraged her to work things out with the Wilson family even when she had her mind made up to steal away and rejoin Lori, the woman who abducted her. Thankfully, Carter listened and has made huge strides with her new family.

Crash, on the other hand, is the devil firmly planted on Carter's other shoulder and has continually urged her to shake things up when she can. He operates exclusively under the laws of instinct, and when Carter had her sights set on a life with Lori, he tried to set a plan in motion even though he knew it could do her more harm than good -- and in spite of the fact that it could emotionally destroy her biological family.

It doesn't seem like either Max or Crash is going anywhere anytime soon, so for the time being, they're going to have to learn to coexist. Will they be able to do it, and how? Share your thoughts on their discord in the comments below, and catch a new "Finding Carter" Tuesday at 10/9c!