Here’s A Scientific Cartoon Explaining Why It’s OK To Pee In The Ocean

Never feel bad about pissing in the sea again.

A couple years ago, former U.S. Olympic swimmer Carly Geehr admitted, “Nearly 100% of elite competitive swimmers pee in the pool. Regularly.” That’s either revolting or a major job perk, depending on your perspective, but at least pools have chlorine to sterilize your fellow swimmers’ liquid (and, ugh, solid) waste. When you’re at the beach, a golden shower through osmosis is just one more reason to be terrified of the ocean.

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The good news is that, if you’re the pisser instead of the pissed-upon, you don’t need to feel guilty — at least in terms of environmental impact. According to this animated science lesson from the American Chemical Society, pee has no major ecological effect:

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