16 Movies You Need For College

For almost any situation

Movie can be a big part of college life because you can't go to class and study all the time, right? There are an infinite number of scenarios where the right movie can help make the best college memories, but you have to be prepared.

As college students start to head back to campus, these are just a handful of movies that they might want to have ready, just in case the opportunity arises.

1. "Animal House"

This is pretty much required for college admittance.

2. "Superbad"

You'll need to remember your high school friends and why they still matter.

3. "Wet Hot American Summer"

It's the perfect movie to watch with a group way too late at night.

4. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Because you need a movie that shows that special someone you're smart and romantic.

5. "Big Trouble in Little China"

So that you can blow the minds of those who haven't seen it, and separate the cool people who already have.

6. "Road House"

Male bonding.

7. "Now and Then"

Female bonding.

8. "The Devil Wears Prada"

Because you will have internships, and they won't be fun.

9."Dead Poets Society"

To remind yourself why double majoring in English and History was a good idea.

10. "Mean Girls"

Because you're going to need it on-hand at all times.

11. "Primer"

So that you have something to impress the engineering majors.

12, 13, 14. "Aladdin" or "Beauty and the Beast" or "Moulin Rouge"

20th Century Fox

For sing-alongs.

15. "Elf"

Something to watch before everyone leaves for break.

16. "The Room

Because there's bound to be someone who hasn't seen it yet, and it will change his or her life.