Getty Images: David Livingston

What All Girls Can Learn From Hanging Out With 'Hot Girls'

They have more to teach you than just how to stop traffic with your cleavage.

Their hair looks like it belongs in a shampoo ad. Every pair of pants they put on are “skinny jeans.” They don’t need makeup, but they sure know how to use it. Hot girls: It’s understandable that you’d want to hate them, but the reality is you can learn some valuable lessons from them.

You’re beautiful if you think you’re beautiful

Many of the world’s most successful runway models are women who are stunning not because they look like Barbie dolls, but because they have an “interesting” look and carry themselves with the grace of someone who knows they woke up flawless.

Confidence gives you the upper hand in negotiations

Whether they're convincing a bouncer to let them skip the line at a club or sweet talking their way down from a ticket to a warning, hot girls have a way of getting what they want, when they want it. This is because the confidence that comes with being hot immediately puts them in a position of power, and subconsciously lets people know that resistance is as futile as straightening your hair in humid weather. Carry yourself boldly, and the world bends for you.

There’s no need to take s--t from anyone

Perhaps because they’re used to getting what they want, hot girls have a low tolerance for being treated poorly. They know that it’s far better to be called a diva than to be called a fool for putting up with someone’s asinine behavior.

Jealousy only gives you more reasons to be jealous

Hot girls are often friends with other hot girls, and it’s not just because they need someone to swap selfie tips with -- it's because they aren't always comparing themselves to each other. They know that insecurity is about as attractive as smudged mascara and morning breath. Acting out of jealousy doesn’t magically get you the things you're jealous of. It just lets other people know that she’s the Mary and you’re the Rhoda.

You deserve to have guys chase you around

Pretty women are used to having guys follow them around like dogs that are expecting a treat. They take for granted the fact that they should be sought after, and they know that if a guy doesn’t understand that, he’s as useless as a pair of tweezers that almost work.

It takes pain (and time and money) to be beautiful

Cosmetics powerhouse Helena Rubenstein once said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” Hanging out with a hot girl often means hanging out with their manicurist, waxer and facialist. It only takes one visit to the laser hair removal place to realize exactly how much work goes into looking effortlessly beautiful.