'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Adam Gushes About Little Aubree's T-Ball Game

The young father may have been late to the sporting event, but he enjoyed every minute of it.

Chelsea may have been disappointed that her ex Adam showed up at the very end of their daughter Aubree's T-ball game -- and the four-year-old told her papa that he "missed the whole thing" -- but the young father was just happy to spend some time with his little girl.

In the "Teen Mom 2" bonus scene below, Adam gets a bite with some of his friends and gushes about Aubree.

"She was really excited to see me," he says. "Came running up and jumped in my arms. Just like every other time."

Adam then reveals that he didn't talk much to the mother of his firstborn -- but that it won't stop him from attending games in the future. He even suggests that his friends tag along to the next event...for more than one reason.

"It will be fun," Adam says. "There's a lot of single moms out there, I'm sure."

But Adam's mood quickly changes when he discusses an upcoming visit with Aubree -- and an issue that may prevent it. Watch the clip below, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Teen Mom 2" on Wednesday at 10/9c.