This Kid's Teeth Look Like The Batman Symbol

The teeth that Gotham deserves.

"Some are born Batman, some achieve Batman, and some have Batman thrust upon them," Shakespeare kind of said this one time. For Reddit user cptnblck's nephew, Batman was almost certainly thrust upon him -- right on his teeth, in fact.

At first glimpse this photo might look like your everyday, pre-braces kid's smile, but when you really look at it, there he is -- the caped crusader himself. (Or, at the very least, Commissioner James Gordon trying to get him to show up.)

Right between and under the upper and lower central incisors, in addition to the adjacent lateral incisors and cuspids, you can clearly see the Dark Knight's famous symbol on display. I don't know what this says about this child, his future, and the destiny of mankind itself, but I really hope this kid's parents never, ever take him to the orthodontist.

Still don't see it? Here...


Definitely Equals...


In. Sane.