Zac Efron via YouTube

No Bucket? Robert Pattinson Does The Ice Bucket Challenge Without One

But he has a wet white T-shirt, so there’s that.

We hoped, we prayed, but we really weren’t sure what would happen when Zac Efron nominated pal Robert Pattinson to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, because after all, the 28-year-old Brit is too cool and mysterious for any social media.

But luckily, Efron uploaded RPattz getting drenched in freezing H20 for a great cause on his YouTube channel. The “Twilight” heartthrob’s video is missing something crucial though- "I couldn't find a bucket at such short notice, so I had to improvise."

Instead of ice water, we see someone dump a pan of ice cubes on the actor’s head, with a dousing of water with a hose following. Pattinson then tries to adorably nominate Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska and Marilyn Manson while being pelted with more ice and a red solo cup. He might’ve broken “the rules” a little, but with that boyish charm we’ll let it slide-it’s for charity after all!

The actor closes with "I don't have an Instagram, so you're going to have to deal with this.”

I mean, I guess we are dealing OK.