Here Are The Greatest Reaction GIFs Of Celebs Experiencing Every Emotion Ever At The VMAs

These Rihanna, Katy, and Taylor VMA reaction GIFs are so crucial.

While the legendarily burned-in-your-memory-forever performances, anxiety-producing winner announcements, and bananas red carpet looks are clearly the biggest parts of the VMAs, there’s one underrated part of MTV’s annual celebration that nearly steals the show every year: the audience reaction shots, a.k.a. one of the greatest reaction GIF resources on this planet or any other.

Remember when Jaden, Willow, and Will Smith gazed on in awe at Lady Gaga’s Aphrodite lady seashell bikini? What about when Rihanna and Katy Perry solidified their A-list bae status with a couple of ritualistic thigh-slaps? Of course you do, because they are everything. Here are the greatest of the greatest VMA reaction GIFs for your right-clicking and saving pleasure, like…

1.) Kanye West congratulating soon-to-be papa Jay Z in 2011, for the OMFG BEST of times.

kanye west, jay z MTV

2.) Then there’s the Smith family with their jaws 100 percent dropped, for when you don’t know how to process.

will smith, jaden smith, willow smith MTV via Vulture

3.) Still, you are nonetheless intrigued like Adele in 2011. Go on.

adele MTV

4.) Justin gave us the best “I’ve made a huge mistake” GIF this side of “Arrested Development” during Britney and Madonna’s 2003 kiss.

justin timberlake, madonna, britney spears MTV

5.) But STFU!

taylor swift, selena gomez MTV

6.) Because here’s Taylor Swift losing it over *NSYNC’s VMA reunion, the perfect GIF for those times when you absolutely cannot.

taylor swift MTV

7.) Here’s Katy Perry cooing 1D’s “One Thing” into Rihanna‘s ear in 2012, for when they’re playing your song.

katy perry, rihanna MTV

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8.) And Lady Gaga dancing to JT’s 2013 medley, for when they’re PLAYING. YOUR. SONG.

lady gaga MTV

9.) For when they’re not playing your song, cue Rihanna in 2013.

rihanna MTV

10.) Wait, now I’m way too nervous and excited for the 2014 VMAs. Oh, I’ve got the perfect GIF for that.

rihanna, katy perry, MTV

11.) Just thinking about all the new VMA reaction GIFs we shall receive…

kanye west, lady gaga MTV

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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards are a wrap! Stick with us for the most talked-about moments, red carpet photos, the VMA winners list and more.

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