How Can David Escape 'Virgin Territory' -- And The Dreaded Friend Zone?

The self-professed gentle giant finally had a date, but he still had trouble making moves.

What does it take for a gentle giant to get a little love?

On tonight's "Virgin Territory" episode, David, a 19-year-old University of Utah student, shared his ongoing struggle to escape the dreaded "friend zone." He pointed out that, in spite of his 6 foot 6 inch stature, he was socially meek, and the fear that manifested each time he was around a girl left him a virgin who'd never been kissed. In fact, he'd never even asked someone on a date. Rejection was a bitch, he noted, and he didn't want to become familiar with it.

Still, David had hopes that things might work out with Cairo, his recent crush who, like he, was kind, gentle and enjoyed a good bounce in the local trampoline park. With the support of his friends Emily and Allison, who implored him to be bolder, David worked up the nerve to call Cairo and ask her to a sushi dinner. But as the night approached, he feared he'd never be able to ditch his timidity.

When the big night finally came, David shocked himself by how forthcoming he was, and Cairo, responsively, met him halfway. "I feel like I can be myself with you," she said. "We can do nerdy Pokemon things." Still, a good-night kiss turned out to be too tall a task for David, and he and his dry lips were left wondering where exactly he stood with Cairo.

David has certainly made some progress, but Emily, for one, was disappointed that her pal hadn't gone in for the kill -- something she said was necessary for David to grow. Can you identify with David's shyness, and were you ultimately able to overcome it? Share your stories in the comments, and be sure to see if David and Cairo make it to a second date on the next "Virgin Territory" episode next Wednesday night at 11/10c!