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Ronnie Magro And Sammi Giancola Have Split

After five years of dating, the former 'Jersey Shore' casties have gone their separate ways.

SamRon is no more.

After meeting on the "Jersey Shore" in 2009 -- and enduring several unforgettable breakups and makeups throughout the years on the hit MTV series -- Ronnie Magro and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola have split. And this time, it's for good.

"We were drifting apart and not really spending any time together," Ronnie told People at the premiere of Jenni Farley's new film "Jersey Shore Massacre." The couple called it quits two months ago, after many memorable moments in Seaside, Miami and beyond -- and an apparently wrong engagement prediction from JWOWW.

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"I still care about her," he continued, adding that he's not quite ready to date again. "She's a great girl, but we were growing distant. It was for the best."

Meanwhile, Sammi has kept mum on the subject.

Since the breakup, Ronnie has been keeping busy and spending time with his "JS" family -- specifically attaining "cool uncle" status with Jenni's daughter Meilani.

Well, they'll always have the Shore.

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