This Guy Proposed During His Girlfriend's Ice Bucket Challenge

There's ice and then there's ice.

Just when it seemed like we'd seen everyone and their mothers dump icy cold water on their heads for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, thinking to ourselves how similar Katy Perry and that one girl you think you went to high school with who keeps popping up on your newsfeed look while soaking wet and screaming about who they challenge, there's another twist in the icy road.

Yeah, this guy just surprise proposed to his girlfriend while she filmed her own charitable dousing, finishing off his question like a gentleman, by emptying the bucket over her head. Then did his own ice dump after she accepted. (Please note that her first words as an engaged woman were "you turd!") Then they made out.

As the newly affianced woman noted in her video's description, "yes, I did drop the ring :( but, I did say yes!"

The only thing this video needs to make us clutch our hearts a little harder is a cute animal doing something silly, and possibly Benedict Cumberbatch. We'll take it as-is anyway.