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Action Bronson Goes On A Drug-Fueled Ride In 'Easy Rider' Video

Bronson releases the first video for his Mr. Wonderful single.

One thing you will not get when watching an Action Bronson music video: Stereotypical rap video stuff. What you can count on is plenty of hilarity and creativity, which he again delivered on Wednesday (August 20), with the release of "Easy Rider."

The first single from his upcoming album Mr. Wonderful, the Party Supplies-produced track takes its name from the 1969 film starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. The Tom Gould-directed visuals also borrow from the movie, as they find Bronsalino taking drugs and hitting the open road on his motorcycle.

There's also an epic scene at the end of the video where Bronson stands atop a mountain and jams out on an electric guitar. So, yeah.

Mr. Wonderful is scheduled to drop later this year.